Gen X House

Gen X House

1966–1985; 52 million people

A house designed to accommodate multiple stages of life, from the two-income parents to a teenager, young siblings, and maybe even an in-law.

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Gen Y House

Gen Y House

1986–2005; 81 million people

Bigger than the Boomer generation but still finding their footing, Millennials want a first house that’s easy on their income and on the environment.

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Gen B House

Gen B House

1946–1964; 79 million people

Baby Boomers are alive and kicking it in this wide-open floor plan that’s ripe for entertaining but also accommodates a bounce-back kid or occasional guest.

Take a complete, photo-realistic virtual tour of the Generation B house!

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A New Concept

New Concept Hero

Suburbs of the New Economy

The days of suburban communities with one-size-fit-all homes or those for a single target market are over. Market-savvy builders and developers are hedging their bets against the buyers market by tailoring models to the dominant demographics of the day: Baby Boomers, Echo-Boomers; and Gen Xers. The result is diverse, vibrant communities with steadier sales and long-term value. Register to receive an exclusive white paper about the concept.